Fighting Thoughts!

My thoughts don’t really race they more like fight! Like which one can get the most attention! I did end up doing what I set out to do on Friday, however I canceled on Uni. I’m not sure why I blamed it on my car which is true. Not the reason tho and I really […]

Project Manic ?

I don’t remember what number project it is, the Bird Project is what I have been calling it. I have been like NON STOP working on it, and planning it for the last week at least! That leaves me about 1/4 of the way done!!! I wanted it done done by this Sunday, today is […]

Save It For Therapy?

Yes I totally should be saving this for the therapist! It requires a professional! But for goodness sakes I CAN’T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! I seriously don’t even know where to start! It’s like one embarrassing moment after another!  I guess I’ll start at the beginning. Shrek bought me a Michael Kors bag!!! […]


Ok I have a past I am not proud of! I was a junky off and on for like 15 years! I did things I am not shouting from the roof tops! However, how I ended up with this monster of a gift that keeps on giving, is not one of those things! Some time […]


You really want to make me CRAZY get me really close to something I want really bad and then tell me I have to wait a little longer!!!! My ability to wait for some thing I want bad is bad enough but if I thing I am going to have it, and then I have […]